Your diet affects your body inside and out. It can also greatly affect your mental health. Our doctors work with you to study your eating habits and evaluate them alongside other health factors.

We’ll translate all this information. Then, through nutrition counseling, we’ll create an actionable diet plan to help you feel your best.

Forum Health Treatments

IV Therapies

Intravenous (IV) administration is a powerful way to deliver substances into your body. Forum Health uses an IV for many health conditions and to optimize wellness.

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IV Nutrition Therapy

High doses of professional-grade nutrients can increase cellular efficiency, helping repair damage inflicted by aging and toxins.

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Nutrition Counseling

Our health coaches help people make healthy choices that increase treatment effectiveness and improve long-term well-being.

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Super Immune IV Booster

Forum Health uses this intravenous mixture to boost your immune system and help your body prevent — as well as fight off — infections.

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Forum Health offers professional-grade dietary supplements through our nutrition science company, Inwell Biosciences.

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