A food allergy is an immediate reaction to a specific food that occurs every time you eat it. This immune response causes your body to recognize the food as a foreign substance and work to attack it. Peanut, egg, milk, and wheat allergies are among the most common.

Food intolerances are different from food allergies in that they don’t trigger an immune response. Instead, the body experiences difficulty digesting certain foods, causing symptoms such as gas, bloating, and diarrhea. This often results from the lack of proper enzymes required to break down foods in the body.

Food sensitivities are delayed reactions to food that appear several hours or even days later. These responses are hard to distinguish, cause vague symptoms, and can go undiagnosed for years. While many factors contribute to food sensitivities, they most frequently stem from the inability to digest and absorb nutrients.

We understand that life happens and perfection is not a reality. Leave yesterday’s slip-up in the past and use the knowledge gained to make tomorrow better.

That said, sticking to your detox schedule is critical to achieving your health goals. Plan, plan, plan — and do your best to stay motivated.

Organic foods can be more expensive and harder to find. This makes “going organic” a bit tricky. We recommend purchasing small quantities of high-priced items like organic meats, poultry, and fish. This way, you’ll eat smaller portions while leaving plenty of room for nutrient-dense foods like vegetables, legumes, nuts, and seeds.

Another option is to buy these foods in bulk and freeze them individually or in family-size portions. Costco and Thrive Market are two grocery chains that offer organic foods in bulk.

Yes. You should continue taking all prescription medications throughout your detox unless otherwise directed by your provider. Be aware that detoxification might influence the effectiveness of your medications — especially birth control — as it changes blood serum levels in the body. Hence, we recommend that patients using birth control take extra precautions when engaging in sexual activity.

Nearly every chronic disease shares a root cause: inflammation. This is our bodies’ way of creating an alarm signal when something is out of balance. A little inflammation is necessary, but a poor diet creates non-stop alarms that ultimately lead to health issues.

You’ll start working with your care team right away.

First, you’ll meet with a Forum Health provider.

Next, you’ll have a consultation with a health coach. They’ll analyze lifestyle factors — including nutrition, exercise, and sleep — to help develop your treatment plan.

If you decide to move forward with membership, we’ll order lab tests based on our initial assessment of your health.

To us, it means helping each person achieve their unique health goals.

We believe in a root-cause approach based on the powerful principles of functional and integrative medicine. Essentially, that means treating issues at their source, not just masking them with procedures and prescriptions. It’s why we look at the whole you — exploring genetics, environment, and lifestyle factors like nutrition, sleep, and exercise.

When your body processes toxins, it often reacts by producing minor symptoms. These might include headaches, fatigue, skin flare-ups, muscle or joint aches, constipation or diarrhea, and emotional sensitivity. Symptoms tend to occur during the early phases of detox while your body adjusts to dietary changes.

These symptoms are short-lived, lasting a few days at most. They shouldn’t interfere with your daily activities. While it’s tempting to medicate symptoms away, we suggest honoring your body with plenty of rest.

Forum Health isn’t just a collection of practices. Our nationwide network is a true community of like-minded practitioners. They work together to find solutions — whatever your health goals. Each doctor has a unique set of specialties, and we connect you to their collective expertise.

All our supplements are non-allergenic and shouldn’t produce any related sensitives. They also don’t contain any stimulants or caffeine.

At Forum Health, we believe good care requires good listening. Our relationships are built on time and personal attention. We hear your whole story so we can treat the source of your symptoms. Your doctor is your partner. They check in between appointments — not just when you’re sick — to help you get and stay well.

Our cash-based membership plans aim to provide freedom and certainty. Any insurance billing or reimbursement — including for labs and services not covered by membership — will vary by plan, patient, and several other factors.

Forum Health does not accept plans through government health insurance programs. These include:

  • Medicaid
  • Medicare
  • Medicare Advantage
  • CHIP
  • Tricare

Please contact us if you have questions.

No. Each detox program is specifically tailored to your body composition, medical history, and health goals. The supplement dosing and dietary restraints of the detox are also based upon adult guidelines and shouldn’t be applied to children. We encourage all family members who want to participate in the detox to schedule an appointment at Forum Health.

A Forum Health plan does not replace insurance coverage. While insurance is not required to meet with a doctor or select a plan, it often covers a portion of the cost for lab work and other services.

All members get what we call The Essentials. This package includes support with diet and nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress, and detoxification.

Beyond those basics, we’ll work with you to build a care plan the drives toward your unique health and wellness goals.

Learn more about our services and treatments.

To determine how much water you need, simply divide your body weight in pounds by two. The result is the number of fluid ounces you should drink each day.

Remember that this number doesn’t factor caffeinated drinks. Beverages that contain caffeine — like coffee, tea, and soda — actually dehydrate your body. Be sure to increase your water intake if you drink these beverages, exercise regularly, or sweat often.

We’re in four states and growing fast. Our headquarters is in Salt Lake City, Utah. Find your nearest Forum Health location.

Forum Health also welcomes telehealth patients. Contact us to find out if virtual appointments are an option for your specific needs.

Forum Health membership is not intended to replace your relationship with a primary care physician. For some referrals and services — like an annual physical, mammogram, or colonoscopy — they might be better positioned to meet insurance requirements. We recommend that you find or remain established with a primary care physician.

While detoxing, your body uses massive amounts of energy to flush out toxins, strengthen your immune system, and build neurotransmitters. This fatigues many patients — especially at the beginning of the detox — which is why we don’t recommend exercise. That said, you can engage in gentle movements such as walking, yoga, and other leisure activities.

Lab tests are not included with payment for your membership plan or welcome visit. This is in part because they might be billable under your health insurance plan.

We’ve also negotiated discounted rates with certain labs. Please ask about your options at the front desk.

It’s up to you whether you continue to avoid these foods. However, we do recommend that you eat a variety of foods to stay well nourished. One approach is to reintroduce eliminated foods to your diet over time. This will allow you to build up resilience while maintaining a nutrient-rich and diverse regimen.

We’re in four states and growing fast. Find your nearest Forum Health location.

Remember that it’s completely normal to develop a food allergy or sensitivity after elimination. That said, if you experience reactions to more than four foods, your body might be suffering from increased intestinal permeability, or leaky gut syndrome. With this condition, the lining of the small intestine becomes damaged and allows undigested food particles, toxins, and bacteria to leak into the bloodstream. This can result in a variety of unpleasant symptoms that should be immediately reported to your provider or health coach.

Forum Health welcomes telehealth patients. Contact us to find out if virtual appointments are an option for your specific needs.

Forum Health’s detox program is not suitable for women who are pregnant, have plans to become pregnant within six months, or are currently breastfeeding. More research is needed to determine the dietary effects of this program on fetal development before expectant women or nursing mothers can participate.

For patients who want care outside normal office hours, some Forum Health locations offer a concierge option. Please ask for details at the front desk.

We recommend consulting with your provider before continuing or discontinuing any supplements that aren’t part of your gut-detox prescription.

Shakes used for Forum Health detox programs do contain essential proteins, vitamins, and other minerals, they are not designed to replace meals during the detox. Reach out to your provider or health coach if you wish to have more shakes incorporated into your detox schedule.

This depends on your response to the detox and progress toward your health goals. Be sure to ask your provider during your next visit, as they might suggest a reboot detox (1–2 weeks) later to help keep you on track.