Paleo Pizza

Many think that when you begin a healthy diet you must give up favorites like pizza, ice cream, and cookies for life. Not so! You can make healthy, whole foods versions of all your traditional favorites and continue to enjoy the dishes you love. Try this Paleo Pizza and let us know how it goes […]

Paleo Pancakes Recipe

by Dr. Wally Taylor, Texas Integrative Medicine Who doesn’t love pancakes in the morning?! You can eat these protein and fiber-rich pancakes on a regular basis and enjoy a delicious and healthy start to the day. Pancakes traditionally contain gluten and dairy which can be inflammatory for many; these pancakes contain allergen-free ingredients designed to […]

Omelette with Mushrooms Recipe

by Dr. Wally Taylor, Texas Integrative Medicine Try this delicious breakfast or lunch option which contains healthy fat and protein to keep you full and satiated. This omelette is delicious paired with a green side salad as well. Eggs are incredibly nutrient-dense and contain iron, choline, B vitamins, selenium, and more. Ingredients 6 whole organic (preferably farm-fresh, […]

Holiday Recipe Roundup

It’s that time of year again! We love the holidays and the spirit of the season, but for many people this translates to expanding waistlines and not feeling your best. Try these paleo recipes below and enjoy all the flavors of the season, while supporting your health in the process. Breakfast Banana Bread Waffles with […]

Paleo Collagen Protein Balls Recipe

by Dr. Wally Taylor of Forum Health, Austin Try this delicious paleo snack recipe that contains healthy fats and protein to keep you feeling satiated until your next meal! Note that this recipe contains options for both higher and lower sugar content; if you are looking to lose weight use the lower-sugar options below. This […]

Have a Healthier Thanksgiving

Though Thanksgiving will likely feel a little different this year, we are still looking forward to delicious food, seeing close family and friends, giving thanks for all the blessings in our lives, and slowing down and spending time together. It has been a year of change and uncertainty and though the holidays may feel different […]

Vegan Chai Tea Latte

Chai is very healing for the gut because it contains many healing herbs including cinnamon, which helps regulate blood sugar levels, cloves which helps lower levels of pathogenic bacteria in the gut, and star anise which helps treat digestive ailments like bloating and indigestion. Many are unaware that it is possible to create a chai […]