Shilpa P. Saxena, MD

Co-Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Shilpa Saxena, Co-Chief Medical Officer.
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Garbage in, Garbage Out
Healthcare’s Revolving-Door Approach

The definition of health is different based on who’s sitting right across from me. My goal is to figure out what it means to each person I serve.

Dr. Saxena served as CEO for her SevaMed Institute practice, internationally known for contributions to the lifestyle-based group medical appointment model. She also founded the Center for Living Wellness and was chief of medicine for the n1Health physician network.

Saxena is a board-certified family physician with 15-plus years of integrative medicine experience. She serves on faculty at the Institute for Functional Medicine. She’s also a fellow of the University of Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine.

Previously, Saxena was on faculty at George Washington University’s Department of Clinical Research & Leadership.


The Blood-Pressure Lowdown | Experience Life

Dr. Saxena shares the functional medicine perspective on managing blood pressure: Hypertension isn’t a disease. It’s a clue that something’s not functioning properly in the body.

Health Hacks Podcast | Mark L. White

Dr. Saxena talks detox. Treat your organs like an employee: Only work them 8 hours per day, and give them time to rest.



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