Erica Lemke-Pembroke

Life & Vitality Coach

Erica Lemke-Pembroke

Erica is a certified life coach specializing in relationships and sexual vitality. Author of Feel Sexy Again: The Ultimate Guide to Reclaiming Your Sexual Confidence, she’s passionate about helping women be their most authentic and sexually confident selves.

A unique blend of skills and experience — including as a junior Olympic athlete — informs Erica’s holistic approach. Her background includes studies in neuroscience, positive psychology, kinesiology, and gerontology.

Erica earned her Master of Arts in community counseling, with a concentration in marriage and family therapy, from Sonoma State University.

This book will help you learn to:

  • Own your “sexy story” and create healthy narratives that support your vision
  • Let go of expectations of your partner
  • Reconnect with yourself in an empowered and powerful way
  • Explore your values, beliefs, and ideals to find what truly lights you up
  • Develop strategies to get the most out of your current relationships — both with your partner and with yourself